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Message from the Chairman

The PaiChai HakDang Foundation, established for 133 years, administers Pai Chai University, Pai Chai Middle School, Pai Chai High School and Pai Chai Kindergarten. It has a state of the art Pai Chai building of 47,000 square meters in Jeong-dong, Seoul. It also opened the historical museum "Appenzellar-Noble Memorial Museum" located in the East Hall of Pai Chai HakDang in Jeongdong. In the museum, you can see the history of Korean modern education and culture at the end of the Chosun Dynasty in one place.

Under God’s protection, Pai Chai is growing and has secured a prestigious status in Korea. Now it is time to become an internationally competitive private university. A united power and creative effort from all Pai Chai members is required to improve competitiveness to achieve this goal.

Pai Chai HakDang has been devoting itself to cultivate talented people to develop its community and nation for 133 years. In the years to come, Pai Chai HakDang will continue to manage the foundation soundly and actively and will make Pai Chai university, middle school and high school the most prestigious private institutes in Korea. We sincerely ask for your continued love for Pai Chai as we leap forward.

Kwak, Myung Keun Chairman of the Board of Trustees
The Pai Chai HakDang Foundation