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Message from the President

I will make a “Happy & Independently Balanced University with Sharing and Services”

It has been 133 years since Pai Chai sowed the seeds of new learning and culture. Along with Pai Chai, I as the 6th and 7th President to Pai Chai University have been trying to make Reverend Appenzeller and Missionary Howard’s vision a big reality.

Pai Chai University has developed a strategy called “Naseom (Sharing and Services) 1885”, a ‘Happy and Independently Balanced University with Sharing and Services’, to make itself as a specialized university for undergraduate programs. Young Appenzellers are positive, futureoriented intellectuals as well as well-rounded, sensible people and creative pioneers who are seeking new challenges, while facing diffi cult challenges moving forward.

Our school, striving to cultivate talent required in the 21st century, was not only chosen for the government funded projects of the Advancement of College Education (ACE Plus) and the Leading University Industry-Academic Cooperation(LINC Plus), but was also selected for support projects of domestic·overseas employment and business start-ups for Pai Chai graduates.

We also focus on global education. Pai Chai offers one of the largest overseas programs for students in Korea. This includes overseas student exchange programs, foreign language and culture training programs, and global backpacking with friends. On Pai Chai campus as of April 2017, we have 552 international students from 76 nations involved in Korean language education and undergraduate and graduate school courses. Pai Chai students are naturally exposed to a global environment and a diverse culture.

Watch and support Pai Chai University challenging new values. Thank you.

Young-Ho Kim, Ph.D. President Pai Chai University