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Brief History


1885. 08.

Pai Chai HakDang founded by H. G. Appenzeller

1886. 04.

Reverend Henry G. Appenzeller inaugurated as the first dean

1886. 06.

Emperor Gojong endowed its name and a tablet on Pai Chai HakDang

1895. 09.

Pai Chai College Program established (Department of English Language and Literature Department of Korean Language and Chinese Classics and Department of Theology)

1896. 04.

The Independence Daily published by Jae-pil Seo at Pai Chai HakDang

1902. 06.

Founder H.G. Appenzeller died on duty at the age of 44(off the coast of Mokpo)

1909. 04.

Pai Chai Common High School authorized

1920. 05.

Appenzeller the 2nd inaugurated as the fifth dean

1925. 09.

Use of the name Pai Chai HakDang prohibited by the Japanese governor-general of Korea

1951. 08.

Pai Chai divided into a 3-year middle school and a 3-year high school(By Education Law)


1955. 04.

Daejeon Child-Care School Opened by Founder Clara Howard

1956. 05.

Daejeon Child-care Junior College authorized (American Missionary Huh Gilae inaugurated as the First Dean)

1959. 11.

Pai Chai College foundation stone-laying ceremony (hawolgok-dong,seoul)

1964. 04.

Name Changed to Pai Chai HakDang Education Foundation

1968. 05.

Pai Chai’s motto rephrased from Chinese Characters to Korean

1977. 10.

Pai Chai HakDang Foundation merged with Daejeon Women’s Junior College Foundation


1980. 12.

Authorized as a four-year college (10 departments with 400 students)

1985. 06.

Celebrated the 100th anniversary of Pai Chai HakDang

1987. 11.

Graduate School opened

1992. 05.

Obtained university status

1992. 07.

Dr. Seong-keun Lee inaugurated as Pai Chai University’s first president

1995. 03.

Dr. Kang-soo Park inaugurated as Pai Chai University’s second president

1995. 10.

Doctorate program authorized

1999. 03.

Dr. Kang-soo Park inaugurated as Pai Chai University’s third president


2000. 02.

Ranked as “Most Excellent” for its graduate school program and “Excellent” for its undergraduate school program in the 1999 National Evaluation of Universities (The Korea Council of University Education)

2003. 03.

Dr. Soon-hoon Chung inaugurated as Pai Chai’s fourth president

2004. 02.

Established the University-Industry Collaboration Foundation

2005. 06.

Celebrated the 120th Anniversary of Pai Chai HakDang Foundation

2005. 08.

Held the ‘2005 Asian University Presidents Forum’

2007. 03.

Dr. Soon-hoon Chung inaugurated as Pai Chai’s fifth president

2007. 10.

Awarded the 26th King Sejong Culture Prize in Education (The Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

2008. 07.

Opened Appenzeller-Noble Memorial Museum

2011. 03.

Dr. Young-ho Kim inaugurated as Pai Chai’s sixth president

2011. 10.

Approved for an Industrial Complex Campus (Ministry of Education) and completed the Industry-Academic Foundation building

2014. 01.

Approved by the Korean University Accreditation Institute in 2013

2015. 03.

Dr. Young-ho Kim inaugurated as Pai Chai’s seventh president

2015. 06.

Celebrated the 130th Anniversary of Pai Chai HakDang Foundation

2015. 09.

The Department of Civil, Environmental and Railroad Engineering was chosen for a specialized government project (2015)

2016. 04.

Recognized as an International Education Quality Assurance Standard (IEQAS) university (Ministry of Education)

2016. 07.

Chosen for operating the University of Liberal Capacity Strengthening Support Project (ACE/Advancement of College Education+)

2017. 06.

Selected by the Ministry of Education for operating the Society Customized-Type Leading University of Industry-Academic Cooperation