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Pai Chai HakDang Foundation

  • Founder : Rev. Henry G. Appenzeller
  • Founder of Daejeon Women’s Junior College : Clara Howard

In 1885 Rev. Henry G. Appenzeller, an American missionary, established Pai Chai HakDang, Korea’s first accredited school for higher education. In 1886, Emperor Gojong of the Chosun Dynasty authorized the name and presented a tablet to Pai Chai HakDang as a sign of official approval. In 1895, Pai Chai HakDang initiated its college program with three departments: English, Korean and Chinese Classics, and Theology. However, under pressure from the Japanese government, the name Pai Chai HakDang could not be used during the Japanese colonial rule. In 1951, Pai Chai HakDang was divided into Pai Chai Middle School and Pai Chai High School. In 1958, the Pai Chai HakDang Foundation was established, and in 1977 Daejeon Women’s Junior College was incorporated. Throughout its time-honored history Pai Chai HakDang has produced over 150,000 graduates including over 50,000 university graduates.