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Honorable Pai Chai Alumni and Students

Since its inception in 1885, Pai Chai HakDang has produced numerous prominent figures including poet So-wol Kim, the first president of the Republic of Korea Dr. Seung-man Rhee, the famous Korean linguist Si-Gyeong Ju, national independence advocate General Cheong-cheon Ji, the forerunner of modern medicine Dr. Kung-sun Oh, and novelist Do-hyang Na. More recently, Alumni Hae-myong Jung, Young-jun Choi, Sung-shin Kim, and couple Sung-bong Ko and Soo-kyung Ahn are currently professors at prestigious universities; Seoul National University, McGill University, Canada, North Georgia University, U.S.A and the University of Texas, U.S.A., respectively. In 2007, alumnus Eun-jong Choi, became the first Korean recipient to receive an award, the silver prize, at the 2007 UNICA International Film Festival.