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Korean Language Institute

The Educational Center for Korean as a Foreign Language (ECFKL) offers Korean language courses to international students and foreign expats residing in Korea. Since its establishment in 1992, the institute has produced approximately 10,000 certified students and people from over thirty countries in the world. Around five hundred foreign students are currently enrolled in ten-week programs offered quarterly.


Highlights of ECFKL

  • was awarded the 26th King Sejong Culture Prize in Education by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2007
  • was designated as a government-commissioned Korean language training institute and recognized by the Korean Government Scholarship Program for international students in 2008, 2009, 2014~2017
  • was chosen as an operating/training institute of the 'Overseas Korean Language Experts Program' run by the National Institute of Korean Language in 2011 and 2012.
  • was selected to carry out the Korea Immigration & Integration Program (KIIP) of the Ministry of Justice
  • is commissioned by Daejeon Metropolitan City to carry out Korean language classes to foreign residents
  • runs King Sejong Institutes in Brazil, Algeria, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and China
  • operates five branches of Korean Language Institutions in China
  • has published 16 different types and levels of Korean textbooks
  • has a staff of over 30 Korean language education experts

Academic Calendar (Quarterly Schedule)

Mar. April. May. June. July. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb.
[1st Quarter] [2nd Quarter] [3rd Quarter] [4th Quarter]

Contents 1st/ March
2nd/ June
3rd/ September
4th/ December
End of December End of March End of June End of September
Semester Date 1st weekday of
March ~ 10 weeks
1st weekday of
June ~ 10 weeks
1st weekday of
September ~ 10 weeks
1st weekday of
December ~ 10 weeks
Suggested Arrival
Last week of February
(during the weekdays)
Last week of May
(during the weekdays)
Last week of August
(during the weekdays)
Last week of November
(during the weekdays)
Placement Test
& Orientation
Upon student's arrival


Course Length 200 hours per quarter / 10 weeks
Class Time Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 13:00
Level Level 1 to 6
Students per class 12~15 students
Tuition fee 1,200,000KRW (USD $1,090) per semester (10 weeks)

* One quarter consists of 10 weeks

Advantages for graduates of ECFKL

Foreign students who complete a full one year Korean language program at the Educational Center for Korean as a Foreign Language, and wish to enroll full-time in undergraduate or graduate programs at Pai Chai University, will be eligible for a 60 percent tuition waiver for their first year (freshmen admission or 50% for transfer admission). For such a student's second to fourth year, up to 40 percent tuition waiver will be provided depending on the student's freshman year GPA (grade point average).

Application Materials for Korean Language Courses

Required Documentation

No. Required Documents
1 Application Form for International Students (Korean Language Program)
  - Please type the application. Handwritten form is not acceptable.
2 Passport copy
3 Original copy of your diploma from the last school attended (high school or college or university) or an original copy of enrollment certificate of the university (college) you are attending
4 Original copy of your transcript of academic record from the school most recently attended (high school or college or university)
5 Bank statement of your bank account with a balance of US$9,500 or more.
  - Estimated 1 year expense: Tuition fee US$5,000 + living expenses US$5,000
6 Original copy of financial guarantor's employment certificate
  - This certificate must show the salary of the guarantor and contact information of the company (or organization).
  - You may submit a copy of business registration certificate (or license) if the guarantor is running a private business of his/her own.
7 If the financial guarantor is your father or your mother.
Original copy of a birth certificate or a family relations certificate (or family register)
  - This certificate must be issued from your country's government.
  - This certificate must show the relationship between you and your father or your mother.
8 Copies of your father's or your mother's passports (or identification cards)
9 If the financial guarantor is not your parents.
Original Sponsorship Letter
  - The sponsor has to be a citizen and resident of Korea and be employed in Korea.

[Optional] Medical Test Result from home country [Free form]

  • The test from the hospital must include the tests that Pai Chai University's Office of Dormitory requires.
  • Otherwise, students must register for a medical test at the Pai Chai University dormitory office upon arrival.

[Optional] Proof (copy) of health / medical insurance

  • Otherwise, students must purchase health insurance upon arrival.

[Optional] Certificate of remittance (wire transfer) of your 1 year tuition fee [Free form]

  • The Korean Consulate (Embassy) in some countries (such as Mongolia, Tajikistan, etc.) might request proof (receipt) of your 1 year tuition fee payment issued from Pai Chai University.
  • In this case, you need to make a wire transfer for the full 1 year (4 semesters) tuition fee (US$5,000) to PCU's designated bank account.
  • After that, you need to send a certificate of remittance (issued from a nearby bank in your home country) to PCU.
  • After confirming your payment, PCU will issue a receipt of your payment and send it to you with other documents (Certificate of Admission, Invitation Letter) that you require for a visa application.
  • In the case that your visa application gets denied from the Korean Consulate (Embassy) in your country, PCU will return your payment in full.
  • In the case that you don't finish the full 1 year Korean language program at ECFKL and return to your country, PCU will return the remaining balance of your payment.
  • For example, in a 1 year program, if you study for 3 semesters only without beginning the 4th semester and decide to return home, PCU will refund the remaining 1 semester tuition fee. Refundable tuition fees are sent via bank wire transfer once you are confirmed to have left Korea.

※ All documents must be written in English or Korean.

  • If your documents are not in English or Korean, they must be translated either into English or Korean and be notarized or have an Apostille. For an Apostille, please inquire at the nearest Korean Embassy or the Consulate in your country.

※ ECKFL may request additional documents depending on student's nationality and situation.

※ In all cases, all submitted documents cannot be returned.