Undergraduate School has established the following minimum qualifications for the   application to the program.
1) You have to complete 1 session(6-month) or more of Korean Language Education at Pai Chai University
2) Pai Chai University's admission committee will consider your application only after you have gone     through Korean language courses at an accredited institution in Korea or abroad.
3) Please refer to the ¡¸Application Procedure¡¹ of Korean language courses for Korean language
    learning program.
Timetable for Filing Applications
1) End of July: Application deadline for Fall Semester (begins September)
2) End of January: Application must be received for Spring Semester (begins March)
3) The detail information will be posted on the web site at ¡¸http.//www.pcu.ac.kr¡¹ around the
    application period.
1) Eligibility for First Year Applicants
  a. Those completed an accredited high school in Korea or abroad, whose parents are not Korean
b. Applicants must hold an accredited high school diploma in a foreign country, whose parents are not
   Korean citizens.
c. You are required to have the minimum performance of 3rd level on the Korean Language
   Proficiency Exam tested by Korea Institute of Curriculum & Evaluation (KICE)
d. When you submit a standardized test from the Korean Language Proficiency Test Committee, you
  must have minimum overall score of 300 (KLPT)
e. Those Passed Scholastic adjustment test examined by the Korean Language Education Institution in
   Pai Chai University
f. Completion of a more than 1 year of Korean language learning program in an accredited institution
   in Korea or abroad.
2) Eligibility for Transfer Students.
  a. Parents must be foreign citizens against Korean
b. Those finished an accredited high school, and 2nd semester or more in a 4-year university
   with 35 cumulative credit points or above, can be transferred into the second year of Pai Chai    University.
c. Completion of 2 years' attendance or more in a 4-year university (or a college graduate)
   with over 70 cumulative credit points, is required to be transferred to the 3rd year of Pai Chai



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