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College of HOWARD

Howard College was established based on Ms. Howard's spirits of liberty, equality, and love to nurture pioneers of cultural reform. It offers courses for students in liberal arts, foreign languages, and global business to foster their dreams of becoming global leaders. Students in Howard College live by the principle "the creative lead the world." Howard College is home to 2,000 students enrolled in 11 departments.

Division of Global Languages Business

Department of Korean Language & Literature

The Department of Korean Language and Literature specializes in Korean linguistics, Korean literature, and teaching Korean as a foreign language. It inherits the honorable tradition of the Department of Korean Language and Literature, which has produced numerous literary writers and scholars since the establishment of Pai Chai HakDang. The department is also a pioneer in nurturing teachers of Korean as a foreign language to meet the new needs of the global and multicultural era. The major goal of the department is to cultivate experts who promote Korean language, literature, and culture through the interfaces of humanities and applied humanities studies.

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Department of English Language & Literature

The Department of English Language and Literature, as one of the first three departments founded following the establishment of Pai Chai HakDang in 1885, enjoys a long history and tradition. The department aims to foster individuals specializing in international affairs by providing quality courses in English linguistics and literature, and courses developing English language proficiency taught by foreign faculty members. Students have the opportunity to study in an English-speaking country to learn its language and culture.

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Department of Russia & Central Asia Studies

The Department of Russian Studies, founded in 1989 as the first department of Russian studies in Korea, aims to foster competent professionals to lead the vast Russian market. Students are trained in its comprehensive courses encompassing Russian history, culture, politics, economy, and society, based on a firm foundation of Russian language skills.

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Department of TESOL · Business English

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. The department aims to produce qualified English education and business professionals who will lead the global era. It offers four specialization tracks: Teachers for Young English Learners, English Learning Consultant, Global Business English Specialist, and a 5 year TESOL BA/MA Integrated Degree Program.

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Department of Spanish Language & Latin American Studies

The Department of Spanish Language and Latin American Studies produces global experts who are proficient in the Spanish language and Latin American literature and culture. Spanish is spoken in over twenty countries. Pai Chai is the only university in central South Korea that offers students Spanish as a major course of study.

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Department of China Studies

The Department of Chinese Studies produces qualified professionals who are well-equipped with comprehensive knowledge of Chinese linguistics, literature, politics, economy, commerce, society, culture, and a high-level of Chinese language proficiency.

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Department of Japanese Studies

The Department of Japanese Studies dedicates itself to producing Japanese specialists through comprehensive courses and programs focused on Japan, including language, history, politics, economy, society and culture.

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Division of Welfare & Healing

Department of Psychology & Counseling

Based on philosophy and psychology, the Division of Welfare & Healing produces qualified in Tellectuals with high moral values. It also provides practical education, through which students can work as counsellors, language therapists, etc.

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Department of Welfare & Theology

The Department of Welfare & Theology is responsible for producing competent and devoted pastors, theologians and layman leaders by providing students with comprehensive courses and programs in theoretical theology, practical pastorship and, in particular, social welfare areas.

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Department of Gerontal Health & Welfare

The Department of Gerontal Health & Welfare aims to foster professionals in social welfare and health care for the elderly population. It is enhancing its competitiveness through a multidisciplinary approach that optimally interconnects social welfare and health science.

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Division of Education

Department of Early Childhood Education

The Department of Early Childhood Education, the most prestigious early childhood educational institution in central South Korea, has produced a number of graduates since the establishment of Daejeon Junior Women’s College in 1955. It cultivates competent professionals who contribute to the field of early childhood education by providing various opportunities for students to enrich their theoretical background as well as gain hands-on teaching experience.

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Department of Home Economics Education

The goal of the Department of Home Economics Education is to develop its students into competent middle school and high school teachers and professionals in home economics, by providing them with theoretical courses and practical skills in food, clothing, housing, family relations, consumer economy and the relations between humans and their living environment.

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