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College of SEO JAE-PIL

Seo Jae-Pil College is based on Dr. Jae-pil Seo's spirit of innovation. It aims to foster individuals who can cope with ever changing sociocultural and business environments. Graduates of Seo Jae-Pil College are specialists who are capable of resolving social issues and have excellent knowledge of foreign languages and analytics. The College consists of 7 departments with about 1,400 students.

Division of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

The objective of the Department of Business Administration is to educate students how to become competent and ethical business administrators with extensive knowledge in the areas of human resource management and organization, financial management, marketing management, production and operation management, accounting, management information systems, and international business.

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Department of International Trade & Logistics

To prepare for the global marketplace, the Department of International Trade provides students with a variety of educational environments so that they are trained to become competent business leaders, acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge with respect to international trade, management and business.

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Department of Electronic Commerce

The Department of Electronic Commerce aims to cultivate specialists in electronic commerce who can meet the ever increasing needs of the IT industry and digital economy. The department offers a curriculum that balances theoretical backgrounds and practical skills to prepare its students for a new economic environment in cyberspace.

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Department of Business Consulting

The Department of Business Consulting is the only department of its kind in Korea. It aims to foster consulting professionals in consulting for small and medium-sized businesses who can lead the transformation into the era of convergence and outsourcing. It offers a high-quality curriculum designed to train business consultants for traditional markets, small businesses, and one-person businesses.

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Division of Social Science

Department of Public Administration

Public administration is a comprehensive science which encompasses theory and practice. An education from the Department of Public Administration prepares students for a career in the public service. With a strong foundation in academic theory and applied research, students learn the tools of visionary and effective leadership and acquire the insights to craft innovative solutions.

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Division of Global Public Officials

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Department of Law

The Department aims to produce public officials who can conduct duties in relation to their pertinent laws and regulations. It also trains its students to gain in-depth knowledge of general law and to sharpen their logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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