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Appenzeller College symbolizes Reverend Appenzeller's everlasting spirits of advancement of education and sacrifi cial love. The college fosters talented individuals in the fields of science and engineering. Over 2,300 students in 16 departments/divisions in Appenzeller College are trained to expand the horizons of various fi elds of interdisciplinary research.

Division of Bio

Department of Biology & Medicinal Science

The field of biology and medicinal science interconnects life science, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, food science, and environmental science. The Department of Biology & Medicinal Science offers practical courses that address issues encompassing the human body, herbs, microorganisms, and biodiversity at the molecular level of analysis.

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Department of Biomedicinal Science and Biotechnology

Biomedicinal Science and Biotechnology is a rising core technology being used to boost national competitiveness in the knowledge-based society in the 21st century. As such, it focuses on developing applications of medical and biotechnology. The Department of Biomedicinal Science and Biotechnology offers a comprehensive curriculum to help students acquire basic knowledge in bioengineering and apply their knowledge to diverse areas of biotechnology.

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Department of Life Science & Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a new core technology that will lead the development of the nation in the 21st century. The Department of Life Science & Biotechnology focuses on educating students on the theory and practice of cutting-edge life science and biotechnology, training research and industrial specialists in life science and other related fields.

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Department of Horticulture & Forestry

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Division of IT Convergence

Department of Computer Engineering

The Department of Computer Engineering is fostering computer engineers who are well trained in the theory and practice of computer engineering based on computer science. It is producing creative and future-oriented engineers through exchange programs with universities overseas and departmental club activities.

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Department of Information & Communication Engineering

To foster competent professionals to meet the demand of the growing telecommunications industry, the Department of Information and Communication Engineering provides practical educational programs on information and communication and develops students’research and development abilities.

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Department of Game Engineering

The Department of Game Engineering seeks to cultivate professional engineers with competence and an international perspective. The program provides extensive courses in game programming, virtual technology and graphics for ubiquitous computing. It also provides overseas foreign language training programs.

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Department of Cyber Security

The main goal of the Department of Cyber Security is to foster next-generation cyber security experts who can prevent and fight various cyber crimes. The department offers courses on hacking, viruses, operating system security, information security system construction, data encryption, network security technology, and vaccine program development.

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Department of Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering deals with research into the mathematical and physical properties of electronic phenomena and its application. The Department of Electronic Engineering offers courses on telecommunications, signal processing, digital systems, computer vision, semiconductor devices, and control and robotic engineering to produce professionals equipped with in-depth knowledge and problem-solving skills.

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Department of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics offers coursework on a wide range of electricity-related topics including generation of electric energy, power system control, circuit design, and imbedded systems. It aims to cultivate individuals in the fields of electricity, electronics, and power with the curriculum covering the topics of engineering mathematics, digital theory, and experimentation.

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Department of Unmanned Systems & Robotics Engineering

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Department of Computer Mathematics

The Department of Computer Mathematics cultivates experts who can use computers to develop educational contents for mathematics education. based on a firm theoretical understanding of mathematics, computational mathematics, actuarial mathematics, and financial mathematics.

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Department of Civil, Environmental & Railroad Engineering

The Department of Civil, Environmental & Railroad Engineering offers a curriculum on the theory and technology of environmentally friendly development and preservation to produce experts who can develop, preserve, and design environments in the 21st century.

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Division of Nano-Engineering

Department of Advanced Materials Engineering

The Department of Advanced Materials Engineering is concerned primarily with identifying the structure, physical properties and functions of new materials as well as maximizing the functions of new materials for application to NT (New Technology), IT(Information Technology), ET (Environmental Energy and Technology), BT (Bio Technology) industries.

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Department of Nanopolymer Materials Engineering

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Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

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Division of Health & Medical Treatment

Department of Nursing Science

The Department of Nursing Science at Pai Chai University was founded in 2011. Courses focus on the education of professional nurses who will facilitate the health of patients through therapeutic care relationships, who will recognize the person as a unique and autonomous being, and who will develop the nursing skills and knowledge needed to preserve, promote and restore health to meet the challenges that today’s health care system demands.

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