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College of KIM SO-WOL

Kim So-Wol College represents the creativity of the poet So-wol Kim. The College is an incubator for cultivated individuals with extraordinary vision and expressive power. Kim So-Wol College produces specialists who are capable of transforming imaginations into arts and putting professional thinking into practice. There are about 2,300 students in 14 divisions/departments.

Division of Tourism

Department of Tourism Event & Convention

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Department of Hotel Leisure Service Management

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Department of Global Aviation Service

The Department of Global Aerial Service fosters specialists in the airline service industry in the global era. It offers study-abroad and overseas internship programs. Students can also gain hands-on work experience by participating in field training programs arranged in collaboration with the nation’s leading airline companies.

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Department of Foodservice Management

The Department of Food Service Management offers a high-quality curriculum focused on both a basic and in-depth knowledge of nutrition, health, food production and management and practical training. The program encompasses management courses: food service management, food service marketing strategy, personnel management, cost management; cooking courses: Korean, Western, Japanese and Chinese food, confectionery, baking, wine and cocktails, desserts and food and culture, as well as a foreign language course.

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Department of Leisure-Sports

The Department of Leisure-Sports cultivates leisure/sports specialists offering students theoretical courses in leisure-sports and management, sports sociology, sports psychology and sports physiology. In addition, it teaches them practical skills in particular areas of leisure-sports such as golf, swimming and tennis.

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Interdisciplinary Division of Culture Creation

Department of Media & Contents

The Department of Media & Contents is aimed at cultivating qualified experts with interdisciplinary knowledge of various fields of study needed for the era of the “media big bang“. It produces specialists who can lead the media and content markets in the 21st century through its curriculum designed to promote students’humanistic imagination, analytical skills, artistic creativity and management skills.

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Department of Advertising in Photography & Image

Photography is of historical significance as the oldest form of image media. The Department of Advertising in Photography & Image focuses on both the principles of photography and their application to image design. It also approaches communication graphic design from the standpoint of expressive determinacy.

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Department of Clothing & Textiles

The Department cultivates fashion specialists with creativity and knowledge through a systematic and diverse curriculum, offering both theoretical and practical courses. The courses provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in dressmaking and textiles and to pursue careers as designers and fashion merchandisers.

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Division of Architecture

The Division of Architecture is comprised of two majors: Architecture and Interior Design. The Architecture major, a five-year architecture program, provides training courses to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in architectural engineering technique and artistic beauty. The Interior Design major educates to create pleasant interior environments, which are both functionally and ergonomically designed.

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Department of Landscape Architecture

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Division of Fine Art & Design

The Division of Fine Art & Design consists of two majors: FIne Arts and Visual Art Design. It aims to foster artists who can create new values in art with a deep understanding of not only traditional arts but also various forms of arts such as creative and original arts, new media, and art design.

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Department of Theatre & Film Arts

The Department of Theatre & Film Arts fosters future-oriented individuals who can become leading experts in the performing arts and film industry. The department adjusts to the challenges of social and cultural paradigm shifts with its knowledge-based educational system.

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Department of Applied Music

The Department is comprised of seven majors: Vocal, Piano, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Singer Songwriter and Composition. It offers courses on music theory, performance practice, and independent creative work to foster qualified musicians equipped with musical sense, artistic originality and creativity.

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Department of Piano

The Department of Piano fosters talented musicians who can understand the fundamental principles of music and express them in piano performances. The department offers courses focusing on nurturing not only sensitivity to music and in-depth interpretive ability, but also the leadership skills needed in the field of fusion arts.

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