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JU SI-GYEONG Liberal College

Ju Si-Gyeong Liberal College produces creative individuals who follow in the footsteps of the linguist Si-gyeong Ju, who contributed significantly to establishing and distributing contemporary Korean, called ‘Hangul’. The Division of Fundamental Education, Division of Liberal Education, Division of International Education, Division of Future-Competence Education, Division of Teacher Training Course, Division of Interdisciplinary Education, Naseom Character Education Center and Ju Si-Gyeong Liberal Education Research Institute inside the College support transforming Pai Chai students into global intellectuals with empathy and the integrative capacity needed for future society.

Fundamental Education Division

The Fundamental Education Division manages and develops a variety of curriculum and programs in order to provide basic refinement and knowledge for a respective major.

Tel. 042)520-5646

Liberal Arts Education Division

The Liberal Arts Education Division provides intensive liberal arts curriculum in order to raise intelligent students with extensive thinking ability and core knowledge.

Tel. 042)520-5619

Global Education Division

The Global Education Division manages diverse programs in order to raise global leaders on the basis of globalization and the open system of our university education.


Future-Competence Education Division

The Future-Competence Education Division supports educational programs dealing with thinking ability and communication skills. These programs aim for students to grow as a balanced member of society.

Tel. 042)520-5944

Interdisciplinary Division (Multidisciplinary Division)

The Interdisciplinary Division is operating its curriculum on 20 linked majors and 9 interdisciplinary majors.

Tel. 042)520-5376

Naseom Character Education Center

The Naseom Character Education Center is developing well-balanced liberal student personalities by managing balanced education courses (intelligence, personality, sensibility, fulfillment, communication) based on Naseom (Sharing and Services) personality to foster the university characteristic of practical young Appenzellers.

Tel. 042)520-5094