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The Daeduk BINT Fusion Campus (Daeduk Valley Campus) was created within the Daejeon Science and Industrial Complex upon approval from the Ministry of Education in March 2012. Located in the center of the Daeduk Science and Industrial Complex, the Daeduk Valley Campus is benefited by the merits of its close geographical proximity to the International Science Business Belt and active collaborative ties with neighboring research institutions and businesses. The Daeduk Valley Campus is home to four departments : Department of Biomedical Science and Biotechnology, Department of Life Science and Technology, Department of Computer Engineering, and Department of Materials Engineering. These departments offer practical coursework tailored to the needs of the industry featuring such required courses as Field Studies and Capstone Design. In addition, the campus offers Master’s and Doctorate industry academic cooperative programs in connection with its B-I-N-T Fusion Education Program to foster integrative individuals who are capable of developing creative and effi cient technologies.

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Industry Professional Practice Center

Industry Professional Practice (IPP) is an academy·industry linked long-term on-the-job practice system where university education courses can be taken as on-the-job training for 4 to 10 months. IPP is a kind of academy·industry model which combines classroom learning and on-the-job training. Pai Chai University was designated by the Ministry of Employment and Labor in 2016 to have an IPP type work study managing institute. Pai Chai is striving towards developing creative talented people by having students from 15 departments be in long-term on-the-job training in enterprises.

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