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Support Services

A variety of organizations at Pai Chai support and provide services to students, thus improving and enriching their campus life.

Central Library


The Central Library was established in 1993 to commemorate Pai Chai’s alumni and Korean linguist, Ju Si-Gyeong. The library holds 450,000 books and 170,000 non-literature materials to support professors research and students learning as of 2017. It also provides 6,900 national or international online journals as well as 170,000 original materials in online academic databases. The Central Library has been changed into a multi-cultural space for not only providing research and learning support, but also university cultural life and rest. Additionally, the library is contributing to the development of the local community by opening its academic resources to the community, individuals and government.

The Office of Army Reserve Forces

The Offi ce of Army Reserve Forces is addressing unit organization and training of army reservists on campus. This offi ce is involved in organizing civil defense corps members and dealing with new, returning and transfer students as well as new reservist soldiers.

University Museum


The University Museum consists of the Korean Earthenware Collection and Historical Hall. The Korean Earthenware Collection preserves approximately fi ve hundred pieces of earthenware ranging from ancient times to the modern era. The Historical Hall houses significant historical documents and relics spanning over one hundred years of Pai Chai University history.

Appenzeller-Noble Memorial Museum


The Appenzeller-Noble Memorial Museum was built in the East Building of Pai Chai HakDang in Jeong-Dong, Seoul and was opened in July 2008. It consists of one temporary exhibition hall and two regular exhibition halls. A variety of historical documents and relics concerning early modern education in Korea are displayed there. There is also a reproduction of an early twentieth century Korean classroom. The museum truly demonstrates Pai Chai’s honorable 133- year history and the history of modern education in Korea.

Pai Chai Center for Human Rights

The Pai Chai Center for Human Rights is an office where people can obtain information and report sexual harassment, sexual violence and infringement on personal rights and the office is making an effort to provide sex education. As well, this office is offering legal consultation for local community citizens who are having legal disputes. The center also provides citizens with legal document filing, and free introduction linking services for lawsuits.

Dormitory Facilities


Pai Chai’s dormitories, an extension of the university, are a comfortable and intellectually exciting space. There are 6 dormitories; 4 within the campus and 2 off campus. With cutting-edge facilities and having a capacity for 2,000 residents, the dormitories serve as a second home for domestic and international students.

Pai Chai Media Center


The Pai Chai Media Center is comprised of three sections: the Pai Chai Newspaper (Korean), the Pai Chai Chronicle (English), and the Pai Chai Broadcasting service. It aims to actualize the educational spirit of the university and promote freedom of speech on campus. At present, the Pai Chai Newspaper is published biweekly and the Pai Chai Chronicle is a quarterly publication. Both are published electronically. The Pai Chai Broadcasting service broadcasts programs related to culture, education, news, and music three times a day from Monday to Friday. The Pai Chai Media Center also annually sponsors the Pai Chai Literary Awards Competition, the English Essay Contest, and the Broadcasting Festival.