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Business Start-ups Support Organization

Business Start-ups Support Organization

Tel.042-520-5666, 5822

The Business Start-ups Support Organization is fulfilling functions boosting the success rate of business start-ups and contributing to the development of the national economy through building up a business start-ups cluster offering general support for both cultivating creative young entrepreneurs who can lead the regional innovation and providing a unifi ed system in the process of business start-ups. Established in 2017, the Business Start-ups Support Organization is taking the lead in business start-up education and support by building the infrastructure in which preliminary entrepreneurs can come up with ideas not only for for business inception, but for corporate growth. Among the affi liated institutes are the Business Start-ups Education Center, the Business Start-ups Incubation Center and the Business Start-ups Support Center. Another representing project unit is the Innopolis Campus Project Organization.

Business Start-ups Education Center


The Business Start-ups Education Center was established to spread business creative culture and to discover creative ideas of undergraduate and graduate school students. The center also cultivates minds for creating business and business management knowledge through business creation education programs such as idea exhibitions, supporting business creation student clubs, business creation camps and business creation festivals.

Business Start-ups Incubation Center


The Business Incubation Center aims to incubate a company by offering substantial support and consultation on technologies and management issues to potential start-up companies. In the long term, it is believed such support will contribute to the competitiveness of Korean industries, the national economy and the promotion of local industries.

Business Start-ups Support Center


The Business Start-ups Support Center is offering a comprehensive support for a successful business inception by cultivating preliminary entrepreneurs such as students, professors and regular citizens who are equipped with business start-up minds.