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University-Industry Collaboration Foundation

The University-Industry Collaboration Foundation not only provides manpower, but also promotes collaboration with industry. It is a forerunner to contribute to the development of the local community and the nation by providing, procuring, spreading and commercializing new technology and nurturing creative industrial manpower needed for industrial development.

University-Industry Collaboration Foundation

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The University·Industry Collaboration Foundation, founded in 2004, consists of two departments; the University·Industry Collaboration Team and the University·Industry Business Team. In 2011, Pai Chai built a university·industry collaboration building and have managed to collaborate with other companies. In 2012, Pai Chai promoted the Industry·Academic Cooperation and National Subsidy System. Affiliated departments are diverse under this foundation: Support Center for Foundation, University·Industry Collaboration Center for Small Companies, Technology Licensing Center, Equipment Support Center and the Field Practice Support Center.

Industry-University Cooperation Center

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The Industry-University Cooperation Center contributes to enhancing the competitive power of small and mediumsized businesses. The faculty and research associates at the university help companies resolve technical diffi culties and develop new technologies and products. It is strengthening the industry-university cooperative tie by running employee retraining programs.

Technology Licensing Center

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The Technology Licensing Center is establishing intellectual property related infrastructure and promoting strategic technology licenses with industries as well as fulfilling technology licensing of university technology. In this Center, intellectual property management experts strategically manage the university’s outstanding technology and secures the university’s intellectual property rights. The Center seeks companies or enterprises which are in need of technology. Through marketing activities, it helps these companies and enterprises with technology licensing.

Equipments Support Center

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The Equipment Support Center provides equipment support for collaborative research projects conducted by university members and outside companies. The Center also conducts projects for technology development and education support involving the use of shared industrial equipment.

Field Practice Supporting Center

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The goals of this On-the-Job Training Support Center is to provide students with industry training to connect their knowledge with the industry and nurture talented human resources for post graduate industry adjustment. The center also seeks out companies for on the-job training, matches students with companies and reports on results and evaluations of on-the-job training.