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Reserch Institutes

Pai Chai’s development as a university is based on non-stop research in the fields of basic science, traditional art, social studies, and international research projects. This research acts as a catalyst to nurture future professionals.

Humanities Research Institute

The Humanities Research Institute promotes the research activities of professors in all areas of humanities and ultimately contributes to the local community and the nation as a whole by successfully developing the spiritual heritage of mankind.

Early-Childhood Education Research Institute

The Early-Childhood Education Research Institute researches theories related to early-childhood development and education and develops advanced early childhood educational programs. It operates a wide range of activities including hosting academic conferences and seminars, holding in-service training for teachers and developing educational programs.

Social Science Research Institute

The Social Science Research Institute conducts theoretical research and case studies in order to contribute to the development of the social sciences. The Institute publishes the Social Science Research journal once or twice a year, holds seminars and supports related academic conferences.

Institute for Korean Reunification

The Institute for Korean Reunification was established in March 1986 to contribute to the reunification of North and South Korea. The Institute promotes research related to the Korean Peninsula, constructive proposals for the reunification of Korea and the future of a reunified Korea.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Support Research Institute

The Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Support Research Institute aims to protect the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises, develop and offer university courses that provide cooperative principles and resources, conduct original research into cooperatives and prepares students, graduates and community members for the workforce by teaching them job skills.

Natural Science Research Institute

The Natural Science Research Institute aims to contribute to the development of science and technology through individual and collective research activities in every field of natural sciences and applied sciences.

Life Science Research Institute

The Life Science Research Institute conducts research on basic theories and their applications in the areas of life science. It has been awarded two government supported research centers, the Regional Research Center (RRC) and the Technology Innovation Center (TIC).

Engineering Research Institute

Established and administrated to promote university-industry research collaborations and the academic achievements of faculty members in the Engineering College at Pai Chai University, the Engineering Research Institute provides research funds, holds seminars and conferences, initiates interdisciplinary research projects and publishes their collected papers.

Korean-Siberian Center

The Korean-Siberian Center was opened in August,1996 at both Pai Chai University and Irkutsk State University(Russia) in accordance with an agreement between the two universities. The Center operates joint research and conferences and publishes a journal. Furthermore, it plays a leading role in boosting cooperative relations in academic, scientific, cultural and economic areas in both Korea and Russia.

Local Developing Festival Research Institute

The Regional Developing Tourism·Festival Research Institute does research on the effective administration and management of regional tourism festivals for our globalized and localized information society. The institute also operates the “Festival Doctor System”, a problem solving and consulting service aimed at improving local festivals for the community.

Institute for Comparative Legal Studies

In 2005, the Institute for Comparative Legal Studies was created to support research on international and national legal studies, organize workshops and conferences, expand connections with scholars and other institutions and share expertise. The institute also participates in university-industry collaboration projects.

Center for Multicultural Education

The Center for Multicultural Education, designated by Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education, offers various education and teacher training programs on Korean language, Korean culture, multicultural society, multicultural families, migrant workers and international students. It also provides basic and intermediate Korean courses to migrants with Korean spouses and “Korean Through Play”courses for their children.

North Africa Maghrib Studies Center

Maghrib is a blanket term referring to the five countries in Northen Africa: Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. These countries are emerging as Korea’s ‘strategic partners’recently. The North Africa Maghrib Studies Center conducts research with respect to the political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of this region.

Family Support Center

Established in 2013 through outsourcing by the Office of Seo-Gu Daejeon District. The Multicultural Family Support Center conducts various activities including integration education, life counseling and family support. It also runs the Multicultural Family Volunteer Corps.

International Community Center

The International Center, outsourced by Daejeon Metropolitan City, runs programs to support foreign residents’settlement in Daejeon, and are involved in a wide range of activities to promote the city’s internationalization through various non-governmental exchanges.

Chiledren's Foodservice Management Center

Under commission of the Taejon SeoGu office, the Center for Children’s Food Service Management supervises the hygiene and nutrition of contract food services providing for nurseries, kindergartens and community child centers.

Ju Si-Gyeong Liberal Education Research Institute

The Ju Si-Gyeong Liberal Education Research Institute was established with the goals of nurturing Well-Balanced Liberal Talent’, developing liberal education, and converging education methods and their practical applications. The institute is doing practical research related to liberal education. The institute is promoting research and related projects to improve undergraduate programs. It also hosts academic conferences more than twice a year and is publishing academic articles.

Daejeon Senior Center

The Daejeon Senior Center commissioned by Daejeon Metropolitan City in 2015 is offering programs such as employment, business creation, senior life planning, career development education to baby boomers who are planning their 2nd life during retirement age. The center also provides various services such as social contribution activity, job information, and community activity support.

Seo-bu Youth Sex Culture Center

The Seo-bu Youth Sex Culture Center is a professional youth sex education institute commissioned by Daejeon Metropolitan City and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. This center has a sex culture experience room offering various activities and education from pre-school age to adulthood.

Reserve Officers' Training Corps

The Reserve Officer Training Corps is a commissioned officer training program where students with good grades can be selected for 2 years of military education while simultaneously studying at university. Pai Chai University ROTC began in 1987 and has produced 550 commissioned officers as of 2016. Pai Chai University ranked as “Most Excellent”by the Ministry of Defence in 2015.