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Financial Aid

Offering over one hundred different scholarship programs with more than 70% of the student body being financially supported or partially or entirely exempt from tuition fees for their academic activities.

Pai Chai University offers over one hundred different scholarship programs. More than 70% of the student body are partially or entirely exempt from tuition fees or supported financially for their academic activities. Generally, scholarships and fellowships are reserved for students with special qualifications, such as academic, athletic or artistic talent. The following awards are also available: Working Student Scholarships, Volunteer’s Scholarship, Welfare Scholarships and Overseas Training Scholarships.

Internal Scholarships

Scholarships Available to New Students

Pai Chai Appenzeller Scholarship, Pai Chai Howard Scholarship, Pai Chai Chairman of the Board of Trustees Scholarship, Pai Chai President Scholarship, English Language Scholarship, Special Admissions Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship, Special Scholarship for Foreign Students, Scholarship for Families of Patriots and Veterans, Grand Family Scholarship and Pai Chai Family Scholarship.

About twenty scholarships are available.

These include the Superior Academic Performance Scholarship, Good Academic Performance Scholarship, Priming Water Scholarship, Fund Scholarship, Families of Veterans and Patriots Scholarship, Saetomin Scholarship, Exchange Student Scholarship, Overseas Backpacking Trip Scholarship. Foreign Student Special Scholarship, Working Student Scholarship, Volunteer’s Scholarship, Scholarship for Students on a Student Tuition Loan, Athletic Scholarship, National Exam Scholarship, NURI Project Scholarship, etc.

External Scholarships

Approximately sixty scholarships are available, including the National Scholarship Ⅰ·Ⅱ and the Pai Chai Alumni Scholarship. Scholarships are offered based on the rules of awarding organizations.