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Student Organizations & Activities

Student Organizations

Student Organizations are self-governing organizations established to encourage students’participation in extracurricular activities and to nurture students’leadership skills and ability to work independently.

THESE INCLUDE : Students’ Association, General Students’ Association, Student Club Association, and Student Welfare Committee

Student Activities

Daedongjae (Campus Spring Festival)

The university’s annual festival, Daedongjae, is held in May. Local residents are invited to take part in its diverse programs.

Spring·Fall Athletic Meeting

Once a semester students of each college have an opportunity to participate in the Student Athletic Meeting, through which they build friendships and learn the importance of cooperation.

Department Academic Festival

Through a variety of academic festivals, students have the opportunity to present their work and achievements to the public.

Student Clubs

Various student clubs aim to enrich each student’s campus life. There are thirty-eight active student clubs encompassing a wide range of interests: academic, religion, social service, sports, hobbies and martial arts.

Volunteer Corps

Volunteer Corps conducts volunteer services for needy neighbors in the community during spring and fall semesters every year to put Pai Chai HakDang’s christian and pioneering spirits into practice.