Refer to the Korean Language Institute (KLI)
(#501, International Exchange Hall building, 042-520-5730
Please make any request to the Office of Exchange and Cooperation
(#226, Century 21 Hall, 042-520-5243)
A good knowledge of Korean is required (lectures and seminars are given in Korean, except in special cases of graduate school courses, where English language proficiency is required for enrollment). Students must take the Korean language test for admission to undergraduate school without taking Korean Language Classes.
¡Ø Students must pass the Korean language proficiency test for admission to undergraduate school without taking Korean Language Classes.
¡Ø Application materials must be submitted either in English or Korean depending on the target program.
The following documents are required before your application can be processed:
1. Official application form.
2. Curriculum vitae outlining the applicant¡¯s background, experience and skills.
3. Authenticated and notarized photocopy of applicant¡¯s degree certificates.
4. Official transcript of applicant¡¯s university courses and grades.
5. Two letters or recommendation from persons familiar with the applicant¡¯s academic background (applicable to those entering graduate programs only). Letters of recommendation must be forwarded along with the application in a sealed envelope signed by the recommender across the flap of the envelope
The academic year is divided into two terms:
Spring term: March 2 through June 16
Autumn term: September 1 through December 15
Lectures are held Monday through Friday.
University Foundation Day: June 8
Summer Break June 19 through August 31
Winter Break December 18 through January 28, 2007
In observance of national holidays, the university is closed on the following dates:
Arbor Day (April 5); Constitution Day (July 17);
Children¡¯s Birthday (May 5); Independence Day (August 15);
Memorial Day (June 6); National Foundation Day (October 3);
University Foundation Day (June 8); Thanksgiving (October 5-8);
Christmas (December 25); New Year¡¯s Day (January 1)
Lunar New Year (February 17-19)
For more information, to obtain an application form or to apply for admission or accommodation, contact:
Office of International Exchange and Cooperation
Jong Seok Park
International Coordinator
Phone: +82-42-520-5243
Fax: +82-42-520-5780

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